Back to (swim) school 

Last night I went for my first swimming lesson in about twenty years. And just writing that makes me feel old!

I had not even been in swimming pool for ages, not even on honeymoon which is probably against some kind of newlywed law. Although in fairness that was because I was nursing the second degree burn that I sustained on my way to the wedding chapel (a story which deserves it’s own blog post).

For quite a while I had been thinking that I would like to get some of my swimmy mojo back, but as my technique is more like fighting the water than swimming, I considered the idea that I might need some professional help. I used to think that adult swimming lessons were ridiculously expensive but last week I discovered that my local leisure centre offers them for around £6.50 a class, so I decided to sign up.

After one adult improvers session I can safely say that swimming lessons are A LOT harder than I remember from primary school! It seems that my  “technique” does indeed make swimming a lot harder than it needs to be, and unlearning my bad habits to learn the correct form is just as hard on my mind as it is on my body. I woke up this morning with aching shoulders and lats, and a scrambled brain from trying to remember the sequence of movements for breast stroke.

I’m heading back to the pool on Saturday to practice some of the new techniques I learnt this week and to get an idea of how many lengths I can comfortably manage without stopping.  Hopefully more than 3!

If you are a swimmer and have any tips for me I’d love to hear them! Technique tips always welcome but I’s also really appreciate tips on which shampoo & conditioner will stop my hair turning to candyfloss