ClassPass comes to London

At the beginning of the year I wrote about feeling unsure what I wanted to achieve this year in terms of training goals. I still haven’t quite figured this out, but I do know that I probably won’t be signing up for a marathon in 2015 and will instead be focusing on finding the “new normal” routine. Obviously it would be an enormous plus if the new routine could get me into bulletproof shape for running another marathon, but that would be a happy by-product rather than the main goal. What I do know is that I’m ready to shake up my workout life and try some new things to find out what I love doing and what fits in best with the all the other new things in my life. Basically, I want to explore and experiment a bit without making any massive commitments. So, I was VERY interested when I heard that ClassPass will be launching in London on 9th March (tomorrow! I’m counting down the hours!). ClassPass London 1 Basically, the ClassPass concept is that you have one membership to manage, but that one membership is like a golden ticket which gives you access to a range of boutique studios across the city. The only restriction is that you cannot take more than 3 classes at each business during each month, so you can’t bypass the studios own monthly membership fees. HOWEVER, if like me you want to try a lot of new classes then you can get a lot of bang for your buck without needing to remember a new password/ terms & conditions at each studio OR being seduced into signing up for a multipack of classes you’ll never complete and ending up with a string of unused class credits at studios across London (or is that last point just me?). To start with, I’m really looking forward to hitting Fierce Grace and Barry’s Bootcamp – are there any other London ClassPass-ers out there? What will you be trying first?