Friday Fashion Fix : Nike Air Max 1 “Look of the City” Collection

I might seem lacking in inspiration to write about the same brand in consecutive editions of Friday Fashion Fix but I couldn’t hide my admiration for the Nike Air Max “Look of the City” Collection which launched on 7th March 2015.

The collection features three unique floral prints, each of which has been inspired by the flowers and culture of two cities. Each print is available in two colour schemes, one to represent each of the cities.

Nike Air Max Look of the City Collection floral trainers


Nike Air Max 1 City Collection Trainers – £160 each


The New York x Paris print is roses and lilies, the New York colour way a stylish monochrome and the Paris variation (my favourite) a pastel palette of pink and blue.

London x Tokyo print features cherry blossoms and roses, the Tokyo shoe in blue and the London print with bright red roses on a black and white background.

Finally, the Milan x Shanghai print is lilies and plum blossom, the Shanghai Air Max are a fiery red and the Milan print (my second favourite) in delicate blues and pinks with bronze highlights.

In addition to the Air Max trainers, you can also purchase oversize t-shirts with varsity style lettering in the floral print.

Nike City Collection Paris tshirt


Nike City (Paris) tshirt – £40 

I’m certainly tempted to add some spring florals to my workout wardrobe, how about you?