Work/Workout/Life Balance: W/C 20th April



Another busy, busy, busy week at work. I spent most of the time preparing for a big meeting the following week and found that applying so much concentration in one area meant that I kept forgetting other things and turned up a week earlyfor two meetings. However, I felt that this week was much more productive and I finished the week with the sense that I had made a lot of progress towards completing my projects. It did leave me wiped out for everything else though. 


Work Out


I think my workouts were the thing that really suffered as a result of the busy week at work. The only thing worth writing about was my Wednesday swimming lesson in which we tackled the front crawl. I usually hate this stroke because I always mess up my breathing which catches up with me half way down the pool and I feel like I might accidentally drown. We spent a lot of time working on breathing and by the end of the lesson, I sort of felt that I knew what I was doing – obviously the real test will come when I am trying to put these techniques into practice by myself as it is much easier to remember what to do when someone is shouting at you from the side of the pool. Perhaps LD will take over this duty for me?


In slightly related work out news, I bought a new swim bag! It is not particularly stylish but it does have a lot more space and different pockets to fit my ever-increasing collection of swimming accessories, so I’m very much looking forward to testing it during my next pool trip.




As well as my training, the other that suffered this week was any pretence at healthy eating. At the time I didn’t think things were going too badly but in retrospect it was a bit of a diet disaster!



I kicked off the week with another restaurant visit, this time to meet up with my lovely mother-in-law and some of her friends who were having a girly lunch at The Wolseley, which is not too far from my office. Again, very different to my usual week day lunch but it was fantastic to catch up with her and to do so in such luxurious surroundings (in case you are wondering, I had the salf beef sandwich and a side order of their AMAZING chips – I couldn’t even pretend to feel guilty about the calorie splurge, but I did revert to salad for lunch for the rest of the week). I never used to go to restaurants so much but in the last eight weeks there seems to have been a continuous flow of birthdays, retirements and long overdue catch ups that have involved going somewhere for lunch or dinner. There are at least another three occasions coming up in the next few weeks (May is always a busy month for me with 75% of my family members have a May birthday) so I am really going to have to work out some kind of balance if I want to avoid having to be rolled down the street. I know, woe is me, too many fancy meals!


Last week I mentioned that I wanted to get to grips with studying for some professional exams that I have coming up. I did manage to get a good few hours of reading done at the weekend but I didn’t get a chance to work out a study plan for the next 6 weeks (exams are at the beginning of June – eek!). I’m getting quite panicked about this, at least two weekends between now and E-Day will be study write offs as I’m attending weddings so I really need to make the rest of the time count. I’m finding myself fantasising about taking a couple of weeks vacation, turning off my phone and having many uninterrupted hours of study time. Sadly, unlikely to happen so I need to figure out how to carve out some study time from the life section of my work/life balance. If you are successfully managing to do this, please let me know how!