Winding Down & Moving On

After almost four years, I’m winding down Diary of a Dashing Fashionista and moving virtual home. Thank you all so much for following along with my adventures – I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog but feel that it’s time for a change. This blog started life as a way to document my marathon training (and to encourage people to sponsor me by impressing them with how very hard I was working) and evolved into an exploration of fitness and fashion in my mid-twenties. Now my main challenges aren’t so much where I can find a stylish pair of running tights (fitness fashion has evolved so much in the last couple of years that the challenge is now not spending all my money on them!) but rather how to sneak a workout between giving a presentation and attending a five hour board meeting, what kind of bag will comfortably house my gym kit and look good at a breakfast briefing and where I can find the motivation to go for a run when I’d like to snuggle up on the sofa and watch The Great British Bake Off.

My new blog The Workout Life is launching on 1st September, I’d be thrilled to bits if you’d like to follow me there. In the meantime, you can find me mucking about on most social media platforms here – stop by and say hello!