About Me

This is the diary of a dashing fashionista, a former model who loves running and fashion.

Dash is my “athletic” alter-ego. She likes running and other sporty activities but she also likes fashion and is incredibly interested in whether her new kit is both functional and if not stylish then at least flattering. If this causes serious runners to sneer at her then so be it. At least she will not be caught in an outfit that suggests that she has been attacked by a colour blind toddler armed with a box of highlighters.

I used to be a model – no, really – but then I grew up and thought I ought to do something about getting a Proper Job. With the Proper Job and new grown up attitude came a surprising new-found love for sports in general and running in particular. (So surprising because I hated sports at school, and when I was modelling the only running I did was if I was late for a casting). Although I’m no longer strutting and posing for a living, I still have an unhealthy interest in fashion, beauty and all things fabulous but now it is coupled with a more healthy interest in health and fitness. I ran the Brighton Marathon in April 2012, a huge mixed bag of emotions and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it has given me the running bug and desire to enter more races.

My blog is a mix of dashing, fashion and a little bit of everything else. You can follow my training progress as I take on new challenges and chase new personal bests. I am looking for my next ‘big’ target and in the meantime, I will be running dozens of shorter races around the UK and Europe, and trying to figure out this whole work/life balance thing.

Happy reading!

Dash x