2013 Dashing Plans

2013 Race Schedule

Dashing Plans 2013

2013 – the year of 13 medals!

I’m taking a year off from marathons, instead I’ve decided to concentrate on building my fitness base, improving my performance and getting faster over shorter distances. At the moment, my time goals for 2013 are a 1:55 half marathon, a 52 minute 10km and a 24.5 minute 5km.

I haven’t figured out all thirteen races yet  – so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

January  Bath Skyline 10km

February Longleat Safari Park 10km 

March Ferndown 10km

April  The Bluebell Race 10km

May Heroes Run 10km

Moonwalk London (13.1 miles) walking event

June South Downs Marathon Relay

July – TBC

August – TBC

September TBC

October TBC

November TBC

December TBC

These are all shorter distances than last year but never fear, in 2014 the marathon will return to Diary of a Dashing Fashionista in a big way – I’ll be running at least two marathons, Paris in April and Medoc in September.

I also want to complete a triathlon in 2014, which will be a bigger challenge than doing two marathons. I’m confident with the run but I’m a horrible swimmer (the Jaws music plays in my head whenever I get to a certain distance from the shore) and the last time I rode a bike in a public place I almost ran over an old lady and only narrowly avoided crashing into a lake! At least the write up will be entertaining.

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